Learn how to create your feel-good home with nature's colours

Discover which colour palettes work for you and learn how to design them into your home

Biophilic Design & Colour to Improve Wellbeing

Biophilic design is all about our human-nature connection and research shows this can be harnessed to improve our wellbeing. Biophilic designed spaces can:

Create a more relaxed, calming & restorative home

Reduce stress and anxiety

Encourage positive emotions and mood

Increase productivity, creativity & concentration

Improve recuperation & lower blood pressure

Nature's array of multi-sensory elements that intrinsically connect us to the natural world can be used in interior design to benefit our wellbeing, from greenery and fresh air, to nature's patterns and diverse, layered textures, and COLOUR. 

Colour is a really powerful and accessible way to bring reminders of nature into our homes.

"A space with a color palette that feels connected with nature may also be perceived as being a healthy place to dwell, in which one can feel stimulated or calmed.”  Human Spaces

Learn how to use colour and nature to benefit your emotional wellbeing at home

Are you keen to know more about colour and Biophilic design? Do you want to learn how to use nature's harmonious colours to effectively and confidently to design your home centred around your wellbeing and personality?

This online colour course explores our human relationship with colour and nature. Bringing together evidence from the fields of colour psychology and Biophilic design in a new and unique way. Designer and Biophilic colour consultant, Claire Gaudion, will show you how to design harmonious and emotionally supportive colour schemes for interiors. 

Working with colour can mystify some people, but nature presents us with an amazing design resource and shows us how to put colours together to create harmonious schemes that have a very powerful affect on our emotional wellbeing and how we feel in our homes.

How to Use Colour in Biophilic Design

Equip yourself with Biophilic Colour know-how

  • discover the core concepts and benefits of biophilic design and how to use nature's colour effectively

  • learn how to bring the positive emotional effects of nature's colours into your, or your clients home

  • be informed and ready to create a home that will nurture, restore and revitalise


Discover nature's colour palettes that will support your wellbeing

An exploratory experience of colour in nature and how it benefits wellbeing

With a range of insightful content, visual presentations and creative tasks, the course guides you through an exploratory experience of colour and challenges you to recognise your personal responses to the affects of nature's colours.  

The course culminates with a creative task which enables you to brings all of these aspects of colour, nature and Biophilia together into a harmonious interior design scheme. 


“This course is delivered as a well balanced combination of text, videos and tasks that enables the participant to look at the use of colour from another dimension. The structure of the course gives a good understanding of Biophilic design principles, the flow of colour in nature and our emotional response. Combined it allows us to design a space that embraces all this knowing that the results will enhance our health and wellbeing.”

Anna, Creative Interiors Interior Design

“This course invites you to look at colours in nature in more detail and provides a simple and enjoyable process to translate a natural landscape into a colour palette for interiors.”

Silvia, DforDesign, Biophilic & Sustainable Interior Design

“The course is well laid out and easy to follow and the video sections are great. Love the choice of photos and quotes. It is a lovely way to learn about colour and nature.”

Sian, Founder of Hettie, Lifestyle Accessories

Learn how to create your feel-good home with nature's colours

Discover which colour palettes work for you and learn how to design them into your home

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome and getting started

    • Welcome from Claire

    • About the course and what you'll need

  • 2

    Module 1: Biophilia and Colour in Nature

    • About this Module

    • What is Biophilic Design?

    • What is Wellbeing and Why Use Biophilic Design?

    • Creative Task: Colours in the Landscape

    • Colour in Natural Landscapes

    • Creative Task: Colours in the Landscape Discussion

    • Creative Task: Colour Swatch Kit

    • Biophilic Effect of Colour – The Evidence So Far

  • 3

    Module 2: Dynamic Light

    • About this Module

    • Creative Task: Exploring Dynamic Light

    • Dynamic Light

    • Creative Task: Dynamic Light Discussion

    • Creative Task: Seeing Colour in Nature

  • 4

    Module 3: Tonal Harmonies and Emotional Colour

    • About this Module

    • Tonal Colours Harmonies and Chromatic Intensity

    • Creative Task: Tuning into Tonal Preferences

    • My Tonal Colour Moodboards

    • Creative Task: Tonal Colour Moodboards

  • 5

    Module 4: Colour Combinations

    • About this Module

    • Colours in Combination

    • Creative Task: Creating Tonal Colour Palettes

    • My Tonal Colour Palettes

  • 6

    Module 5: Colour in Interior Spaces

    • About this Module

    • Creative Task: Different Ways of Using Colour in Interiors

    • Nature of the Space

  • 7

    Module 6: Bringing it All Together

    • About this Module

    • Creative Task: Your Biophilic Colour Palette

    • Creative Task: The Design Process

    • Creative Task: Selecting and Sourcing Products for your Biophilic Design Scheme

    • End Note from Claire

  • 8

    Added Extras

    • Reading and Resources

    • Course Review: Have Your Say


  • What is the teaching style of the course?

    The course follows an exploratory and self-directed approach. Many years of experience, plus consultation with an educational expert, combine to ensure you have the best learning experience delivered through the most appropriate teaching formats for the curriculum. Each lesson has been designed to engage you and inspire your creative thinking. The content is delivered through a mix of narrated presentations, written content, downloads and creative tasks. You will need to undertake the creative tasks and engage thoughtfully with this information to gain the most from the course. If you prefer to learn via video only, this course won't be for you.

  • Is the course designed for beginners to Biophilic and colour design or is it for Professionals?

    The course brings together evidence from the fields of colour psychology and Biophilic design in a new and unique way to discover what nature can teach us about colour. The way the information is presented and explored through exploratory creative tasks means it is suited to beginners and experienced Professionals alike.

  • Does the course run on fixed dates or is it flexible?

    The course is completely flexible and can be started whenever it is convenient for you after enrollment. You can start, stop, resume and repeat the course at your own pace, to suit your lifestyle and time available. There is no expiry date, so you will have lifetime access to the course.

  • Are you available to answer questions during the course?

    The course has been designed to enable you to complete it independently. By following each lesson carefully, engaging with the creative tasks and exploring all the content fully, you should find that you are able to progress through the course independently. But, should find yourself needing to ask a question you can email me, and I will aim to respond to your questions as soon as possible.

  • Are there any webinars or live sessions that I need to be available for?

    No. The entire course is contained within the online platform so that you can access everything altogether and work independently at a pace that suits you.

  • Are there any excursions or visits essential to the course?

    The course is all about exploring colour in nature and some of the creative tasks encourage you to immerse yourself in nature and natural landscapes where possible, but this is not essential. There is advice on how to substitute these nature visits so that you can complete the course entirely from your home if you need to.

  • Can I share the course content with friends or on social media?

    Thank you for asking, but no. The content of this course is available for enrolled students only. No part of this course may be reproduced or redistributed without prior written permission.

  • Do you offer refunds if I decide that the course isn’t for me?

    I’m sorry but, no. Due to the digital nature of this course, once you have enrolled on the course it is non-refundable. Please read the course curriculum and description carefully before enrolling and if you would like to ask any questions, please email me to discuss the course in more detail.

  • How do I use my coupon code?

    If you have a coupon code please email us so that we can activate it for you - info@clairegaudion.com. Thank you.

Biophilic Colour for Interiors

Learn how to create your feel-good home with nature's colours